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OEM/ ODM (Private Label): Products

Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

Bloomage Biotechnology has a complete product line of hyaluronic acid fillers. According to market demand, it is developed according to different functions, different parts, and different particle sizes. All-round and targeted layout of facial rejuvenation solutions, including fine lines smoothing, sag filling, Bone shaping, etc.

Mesotherapy Products

Relying on the research and development system with the two platforms of microbial fermentation technology and cross-linking technology as the core, we conduct in-depth research on the efficacy and application of different molecular weight hyaluronic acid, amino acids, collagen and other biologically active substances and their cross-linked derivatives in mesotherapy. Provide personalized formula customization and post-treatment repair programs according to skin type and needs.


Orthopedic Viscoelastic Device

HyprojointTM is a product specifically designed to take care of our joints, a fragile area that is frequently a source of multiple issues related to pain and mobility. This solution provides a comprehensive care by relieving pain while at the same time protecting and repairing the tissue around the joints.
HyprojointTM is a five (5) injections treatment option for people who get joint/knee pain and do not get enough relieved by simple painkillers or from exercise and physical therapy.

Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Device

HYMOIS is an OVD ophthalmic surgical aid used during intraocular surgery procedures, such as cataract extraction or lens implantation. This is a sterile, pyrogen-free, clear, and viscoelastic solution made of highly purified sodium hyaluronate obtained from biofermentation. 2% solution of HYMOIS is transparent sodium hyaluronate gel in high viscosity and high molecular weight with following advantages:

1. Can provide a clear surgical field of vision

2. It has a good function of expanding and maintaining the surgical space

3. Protect corneal endothelial cells and intraocular tissues

4. Has good biocompatibility

5. Easy to remove after operation


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