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Mission & Vision

Position in the Market

"We are the Hyaluronic Acid Science Pioneers"

To put technology at the service of human health – that is our mission at Bloomage Biotech. With that idea in mind, our team has been studying the uses and applications of Hyaluronic acid and its derivatives for nearly 30 years.

At Bloomage Biotech, we believe that all scientific progress should positively impact the way we feel, and for that reason, Research and Development sit at the core of our identity. This has allowed our company to stay connected with trends while driving innovation, to deliver our customers and partners the best product assortment possible.

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Innovation is a pillar of Bloomage Biotech’s activity – we believe that it is the key to offering the world the best possible product. We count on a team of over sixty researchers with the highest degree of education and qualifications, led by Dr. Guo Xueping, a leading figure in the field of hyaluronic acid (HA) in China. In the search for perpetual improvement, Bloomage Biotech has made a deep impact in the scientific world. Twice now our team has been at the forefront of major achievements in the field.

In 1990, we successfully employed biofermentation in HA production for the first time in China. This revolutionary technical innovation not only allowed us to increase production but also significantly improved the quality of our product.

In 2011, our team manufactured oligo-miniHA using the enzyme degradation method. As the first company in the world to do so, we were able to commercialize a new and improved HA raw material with complete structure and supporting transdermal absorption.

But this quest is not over. As the largest HA raw material manufacturer in the world, we take upon our shoulders the responsibility to bring the newest innovation to the medical aesthetics industry.


Bloomage Biotech is the largest hyaluronic acid (HA) manufacturer in the world, accounting for almost a third of the global market and more than half of China’s market. Both these figures have been on the rise in recent years, indicating an increasing international presence.

Our position as world leaders is reflected in our infrastructure. Our factory, based in Jinan, Shandong province, is equipped with the latest technology and run by highly qualified professionals. In order to guarantee that we are offering our customers the best product possible, we consider it essential to stay at the forefront. For that reason, we built a new factory in 2014 – the largest in the world of its kind to date.

It covers a total area of 190,000 square meters, combining industrial and office construction. Amongst this cutting-edge machinery is a HA bio-fermentation plant, which gives us the means to further master a technique we originally pioneered in China.

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