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Global leader in Hyaluronic Acid with over 30 years of Research and Development

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We are the Hyaluronic Acid Science Pioneers

Bloomage Biotech is the largest hyaluronic acid (HA) manufacturer in the world, accounting for almost one third of the global market and more than half of China’s market. Both these figures have been on the rise in recent years, indicating an increasing international presence. 

Our mission is to put technology at the service of human health. It is with that idea in mind that our team has been studying the uses and applications of hyaluronic acid and its derivatives for more than 30 years. 

As the largest HA raw material manufacturer in the world, we take upon our shoulders the responsibility to bring the newest innovation to the medical aesthetics industry.

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What we do

OEM/ ODM (Private Label)

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We’re often recognized for our high-quality manufacturing, a direct result of our commitment to excellence throughout the years. Day in and day out, we work hard to make sure our standards not only remain, but are continuously pushed higher.

R&D and Production

25 years of R&D and regulatory experience and world class quality management system. Our production is in strict accordance with quality management system and computer controlled fermentation system.

Quality Control

We have strict standards when it comes to our manufacturing process, and never settle for less. We’re constantly innovating and improving to meet the latest needs of our clients, and do whatever it takes to ensure complete satisfaction.

In House Products

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Medical Aesthetics


Our wide range of products includes crosslinked dermal fillers as well as mesotherapy and skincare lines.



HYMOIS is an Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device (OVD) used during intraocular surgery procedures.



HYPROJOINT is an Osteoarthritis (OA) product specifically designed to take care of our joints, a very fragile area.

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